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This is going on my tumblr again.

every october

and some of the months in-between

I get it…

when the one ghost turns his head AWW HAHABAHABH<3

fangirling ghosts are you kidding me this is epic

So me :(

waiting for a rain drop
waiting for the sun rise
Just like that
Um waiting for you
Spending lonely….. Long nights
Um waiting for u my love

Yeah we seldom get to share festivals or birthdays or anniversaries together..

But I love those colors more that appear when I blush catching you looking at me..

I love those sparks more that light up your eyes when you see me..

I love those days more when you are with me and you make every day special for me..

And who needs anniversaries when every moment is a celebration when we are together

If I will say that I miss you, it will be partly true.

If you will ask what I really do, Then I will say
I just feel your absence and love you more………………. :’)

"I Wish For My Soldier"

Last few days
Ignoring what’s to come
Wishing there were other ways
To shade the light of the sun

Listening to our songs
Soaking up his words
It seemed so long
Before he’d return

I made a pact
That I intend to keep
As he turned his back
Tears came upon me

Promising to be strong
My chin I held high
Pretending nothing’s wrong
Was what I tried

A year or more
Of being alone
It’s not real easy
To be without your heart’s home

When he comes back to me
I’ll never let him go
Oh, if only that could be
Impossible I know

I reminisce of the past days
Memories keep me warm
The skies grow gray
But my heart remains un-torn

Our nation’s defender
My personal king
But for all to know and remember
He’s a Soldier….A Hero.

(Source: banjaarey)

(Source: graciedaysphotography)

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